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Let's get to know you better! Share a bit about yourself and your aspirations, and a BARBRI National Director of Legal Education will follow up with you to help you take the next step toward the Pass List.

Curious About How BARBRI Bar Review Works? 

Since our inception, BARBRI has proudly helped over 1.4 million legal professionals prepare for the bar exam through our best-in-class curriculum, taught by leading law school faculty. Our data-driven personal study plan ensures that each student focuses on the most critical areas, resulting in the most efficient and effective study path. The comprehensive approach not only builds deep understanding but also quantifiable success - we'd love to show you around.

Not Quite Ready to Enroll in a Bar Course? 

Our National Directors of Legal Education are here to guide you through every step of your 2L and 3L journey, ensuring you stay on track with key milestones, important registration dates, and understand the numerous benefits of enrolling in Bar Review early. From understanding course requirements to maximizing your study efficiency, our expertise will provide you with the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed.

Let's get to know you better!

Share a bit about yourself and a BARBRI Director of Legal Education will guide you to Bar exam success.